Are you GDPR Ready?

GDPR implementation is just a few days away; EU Companies and companies which deal with the personal data of the EU citizens are looking for every possible way which makes them GDPR compliant by May 25, 2018. Key employees of the firm, especially those who deal with the personal data of the clients have to double check the validity and authenticity of the already existing data protection facilities of the firm and make necessary changes to make themselves GDPR Compliant.

GDPR training must be given to those employees who are unaware of the law and the penalties if the firm fails to attain the GDPR compliance. Documentation of the available data in a proper way can also make the route much easier for the firm to be GDPR compliant. Designating a Data Protection officer is highly recommended while you are preparing for GDPR, a responsible officer will be well aware of the do’s and don’ts while dealing with the data of the clients. Companies should make necessary arrangements to detect and stop data breaches.

Consent or approval of the client is one of the most important aspects while dealing with the personal data. The client must be well aware of how the information is going to be used by the company and give his or her consent for the same. While using the information of children, the Company must make sure that they have the consent of the parents. By making  a simple and short agreement the client will easily understand the policy of the company and it is always the perfect choice to get the consent.

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Is your company GDPR Ready?

Having a great awareness of what GDPR is going to bring about,  is a great start towards GDPR compliance. Apart from understanding GDPR, one should also focus on its data, structure, data flow and what information it actually carries.   

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