GDPR Implementation Practitioner Course

Our GDPR Implementation Practitioner Course helps the participants implement GDPR within their organisation. This Course provides necessary skills and tools to help you implement and maintain an effective GDPR compliance program within your workplace, which is mandatory under the new EU GDPR.

The course takes a pragmatic approach by using:

  • A real-time case study
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) tool to help address, mitigate and minimize risks with data processing activities
  • Required Templates and Policies
  • Subject Matter Experts



  • Learn from leading SMEs
  • Practical Knowledge Transfer
  • GDPR Awareness
  • Tools and Templates pertinent to GDPR implementation


Course Outline

Step One:

The important modules from our 12 step GDPR course will be covered online
The modules covered are:

  • Information you hold
  • Communicating privacy information
  • Individuals rights
  • Lawful basis for processing data
  • Data protection by design, data protection impact assessment


Step Two:

Step two will be a practical classroom course. This will be a 3 hour hands on course where we demonstrate how to implement a GDPR project using a number of tools that will be provided to our attendees.

The classroom session will focus on:

Record of processing: This will teach participants how to carry out a data inventory, to learn where data is collected, stored and accessed within the organisation and the lawful basis for doing so.

DPIA Lite/ Risk register: This tool will teach participants to evaluate the risks of different processes carried out by their organisation and prioritize the ones that pose the greatest compliance risks under GDPR.

Policy and Procedures: This will focus on what should be included in privacy policies and organisation procedures in relation to the handling of personal data. Templates will be supplied to aid in this task.

Case Study: A case study will be carried out based on a fictitious organisation that will look to use the previous three learning points of the course to run a mini GDPR project.


Step Three:

Step three will give participants who took the classroom course a number of tools to help them implement a GDPR project and maintain compliance. These include:

  • Templates include: Policies, Record of Processing and DPIA
  • Information on Regulatory Management System
  • Information on Virtual DPO Support


Course Duration: 3 hours

Price: €250 per person

Certification: AoFAQ

GDPR Implementation Practitioner Course

GDPR Implementation Practitioner Course