What is GDPR?

GDPR is a trending topic around the world, especially with companies which deal with a lot of user data. Considered as the world’s largest data privacy law, the General Data protection law is something which will make the European Union companies rethink their information based plans and strategies. GDPR was initially adopted on April 27, 2016 and the main purpose behind the formation of the law was to safeguard the data of all EU citizens by safeguarding their privacy requirements. GDPR Compliance is mandatory to all firms which deal with information of EU citizens and therefore it will be monitored by individual member state authorities. Companies which fail to become GDPR compliant within May 25, 2018 will have to pay heavy fines and penalties. Having over 200 pages, however, the updated GDPR framework is promising to have a far-reaching effect than its predecessor, Data Protection Directive. An organization can become GDPR Compliant much more easily by providing GDPR online training to its employees; as the employees must be fully aware of the importance of protecting personal data of their clientele and must be educated with the help of a GDPR Course on how the information should be dealt with and protected.

How will GDPR Affect me?

GDPR will be affecting all organizations that do business within and outside EU, handling EU information. Under GDPR, companies are moving away from the legacy systems towards a company-wide approach to the protection of personal data. By developing sound awareness on different aspects of GDPR, you will understand the ways through which you can equip your organization in being GDPR compliant.

Get ready for the upcoming changes !!!

Have you ever wondered how much personal data you have stored online? According to the GDPR directive personal details like name, address, IP address and mobile device identity are under threat. The GDPR course will give you an insight into data protection on how to handle your personal data. As the scope of regulation is wide, each company falling under EU should scrutinize whether they fall under the scope of GDPR or not.

Now you might think, will GDPR affect me, if I don’t live in the EU? Certainly, it will affect even if you don’t stay in EU and whoever handles EU citizens’ data. So it’s mandatory for the companies under EU to be GDPR compliant. Protecting your data comes with higher levels of encryption known as pseudonymization that enhances privacy to a greater extent.

Who should attend this course?

The GDPR Certified course is meant for professionals who handle personal data and who need an overall understanding of how GDPR will affect their business. Key people mainly include :

Business Directors
Data Protection Officers
IT Managers
Project Managers
Accountants and HR Managers
Health and Safety Management
Risk and Compliance Managers
Marketing Managers

What are the penalties?

Avoid costly repercussions due to non-compliance

The infringements on GDPR will lead to a serious fine, seriously. There is a tiered approach to the fines i.e. two sets of maximum thresholds for administrative fines. The administrative fines will be upto € 20 million or 4% annual global turnover, whichever is higher. Article 28 states a lesser fine upto 2% of global revenue if company records are not in order even after a breach. Apart from this if your organization incur a data breach, better notify the relevant authorities within 72 hrs to avoid GDPR penalties.